Try verbal texting It’s sweeping the nation!

It’s a new and it is sweeping the nation. It is an effective means of expressing yourself in a concise and meaningful way. It allows both parties to hear the other person, the inflection in the other persons voice, the sarcasm, the seriousness. It’s everything you need in a communications tool and its already part of your smart phone. 

Here’s how it works. You use those numbers instead of the letters you use too much. You dial 9 digits of random order (pre-shared of course) and hit that little button that looks like a phone.

Magically you will connected to a live person who will verbal text with you and he or she may even be grateful for the verbal text. 

Verbal texts are great for learning more about a company, an organization, a process, even a love interest. So try verbal texting today and see for yourself why verbal texting is sweeping the nation.