Adventures in moving says it all and yes it certainly was. I had made a reservation locally in Natick for a 17′ truck a month in advance and the day before the big move my pickup location changes from Natick to Marlboro about 12 miles west. This would be good,  but I moved my car already. I call complain and then Joyce fixes it. She sends me to “see a guy in Millis”. The Millis store is strait out of central casting and the office is one Bob Odenkirk away from being a better call Saul office space. The guy is cursing and complaining to me that his computer system crashed. He also said U-haul referred to me as the “irate customer” and he had contemplated calling 911 before my arrival.  Anyway I finally get the truck,  fill it and then parking brake wont disengage. I crawl under dash find manual release and the spring load brake almost takes my head off. I am not shitting you. Although I may have soiled myself during all that.

We are then on the road,  but the truck thinks the parking brake is still on and beeps all the way from Natick to Salem, MA. I can still hear the noise now as a matter of fact. 

I said 10 years ago I would never move myself again and this time I mean it. U-haul has still not figured out customer service or scheduling and since that is all they do really, always assume all is not going according to plan no matter how much they insist it might be.