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Fraud Sucks, trying to prevent it on a 3-day weekend sucks more.

A dear friend recently had her checking account drained by a Paypal charge attached to her email address. The Perps were able to hack her Paypal from her emails that they hacked first. The purchase was then made illegally on eBay.  When we alerted the authorities only local law enforcement was both helpful and prompt.

Departments that appear useless include the USPS police in Dorchester, MA, The US Postal Inspectors office, and The El Monte, CA Post offices (2) and the El Monte, CA police department.

We also figured out that the package that was illegally bought was being sent to a drop house in El Monte, CA. The address of which was listed with over a dozen realtors wanting to move that property’s address for over a year… Look up 4830 Dyson Ave, El Monte, CA.

The seller tried to keep the MAC laptop from being delivered but her calls to authorities on West coast went unanswered and we watched the laptop get delivered. I am guessing any intellectual property on this Mac book air is now somewhere in the world it shouldn’t be.

The money has been returned swiftly however, so on that front its all good. The person who had been on eBay and paypal for years is now rethinking her online purchases.

An alternative to shopping online is shopping locally, at small stores that need your business. Small business Saturday is November 30th. The facebook page


We were able to watch the tracking of a shipment that was eventually dropped off and then picked up by somebody…


Salem, MA November 2013


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Just download the app, delete your soul, and you’re ready to go!

5 New Apps Explicitly Designed For Awful Human Beings

#5. Comb Facebook for Awkward Sex

If cravenly fishing for sex among borderline strangers you went to church camp with 20 years ago doesn’t work, you can also anonymously email them to persuade them to add the app, because — if our spam folders have taught us anything — there’s nothing more erotic than receiving emails from faceless Internet phantoms demanding intercourse.

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These apps should in some cases remained bad ideas.