So what happened between Friday and Monday?


Money, money money.

“ It was mayhem at the stock market today. S&P 500 and Dow Jones went down while gold price per ounce went up. US markets today fell on fears of financial crisis in the Eurozone and the credit rating downgrade in the US, but not quite as much as was being feared.”

In terms I understand it’s like everyone got fricken really nervous. It was like saying you had a bomb in your sneaker at the airport. Everyone got nervous and started devaluing companies stocks.

My friend Peter said it best when he mentioned “what made Ford stock less valuable other then panic?”

The answer is nothing. When did we become Greece? Does it suddenly say United Greece of America? Are we so stupid to let ourselves default? Thank you China for scolding the USA and saying such nice things about our credit rating. Hey China, I would be saying good things if you want your money back. Since your our biggest Capital one bill I’d keep it on the down low.

Yes today the markets tumbled a bit. It will rebound, tomorrow might be a great day to buy stock in fact.

In China there is an expression Wei-Chi (crisis) which translates into “danger plus opportunity” …

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