People sometimes fly off the handle at others on social media. This is interesting only because you think you know somebody and clearly you may not know them at all. How many of your social media friends would lend you a hand in an emergency situation? How many social media friends have been helpful in helping you get an interview or a land a job? 

How many of your social media friends have your number?

Filtering facebook went unnoticed socially.

I had filtered out most of the social media crowd these last six months for no other reason then to see if anyone noticed. Nobody did. I have now changed the parameters and added those same people as close friends. Some may notice, but I will have just have to wait and see. I am beginning to think that social media while a great marketing tool for some makes us lazy socially. I remember when using the telephone to call somebody up was what you did. I recently called Jeff Cutler up to wish him a happy birthday on the phone.  I think calling and wishing a person a happy birthday is almost out of vogue. We have lost that sense of connection somehow. I hope to make the telephone a bigger part of my social mix so if I call you I hope you won’t be offended.

How are things with you?

Happy Memorial day weekend!