SBANE on Mogulus

I was able to stream the SBANE New England Award presentations to the web as I filmed them for SBANE on Thursday of this past week. I stream it live using my laptop. We had a few connection issues with the Internet feed (power, wireless router) but once connected the feed stayed strong and connected on the Mogulus side.

Vistitors viewing said it was a little dark but then the room light was all we had after the sun set in the West. The flash video I saw that was recorded looked pretty good and the sound off my camera that was feeding mogulus surprised a few people in it’s clarity.

The trick now of course is getting others to want this service at their events and having the resources to pay for it. We call that Monetizing the message I believe.

All and all the TEst went very well and everyone was pleased with the Mogulus platform and it’s capabilities.

The Fast and the Furious

I attended a very good SBANE breakfast event this morning where the speaker was Suzanne Bates from Bates Communications. Her talk was entitled Motivate like a CEO and was very good. I loved the reference to the mandarin symbol Wei Chi and the concept of in crisis there may be danger but also opportunity. Her talk was well received by the standing room only crowd which was also good to see at an SBANE event.

Tomorrow I will be shoot the SBANE innovation awards presentations for the Gala that happens in may. I will also be streaming it via Mogulus and anyone interested in taking a peak should see tomorrow 4/16/2009 after 3pm.

Last, Mogulus has just launched a new product called procaster. I am really excited about it and it may also be whats next in video streaming. They have a windows version already in release at and a mac version due soon.
Go Mogulus Go.