Sales is hard enough, but when did free become unfashionable

One thing I am learning in my new job is that doing sales these days is really hard. The economy dictates value. Even though we might have a great product and can do great things for our clients it all comes down to budget and value. How much value am I getting by using X over Y. Is it worth it? In an era of supposed transparency, people are still tight lipped about their relationships with other vendors and what their budget is or needs to be. Asking the right questions on the front end is the key of course. Communication is key or your just spinning your gears.

I enjoy talking with people, listening and offering help whenever I can. I consider my sales approach to be consultative. I ask questions, I and I make recommendations. If I can help in other ways I try also. Getting people to meet with you, is even harder these days for nobody has the time anymore.

I have been trying very hard to meet with a non to sponsor their event and nobody on their team will meet with me so we can discuss it. I am offering our services for free. Free isn’t good anymore apparently in some circles.
what do you think?


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