Nothing more to see here, I am no longer running for Mayor of Salem Massachusetts.


It’s time to move. Gosh I haven’t done this since 2007 and while I have loved living in Natick, MA it’s time to go.  I have many fond memories of the area. My daughter was born in metro-west and brought home to Natick. My son finished high school in Natick. The Boston marathon ran by my apartment yearly in Natick. The Redsox won their first world series wile I lived in Natick. The Patriots won their first superbowl while I lived in Natick. The Boston Bruins won the cup while I lived in Natick. The Celtics won the NBA championship while I lived in Natick. Gosh I hope local Boston sports teams can survive without me living in Natick now that I think about it. Anyway,  I embrace my impending move to the North Shore and to Witch City USA. I imagine Boston sports teams will be just fine.