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This is what a hero looks like. Having lost too many friends to AIDS, seeing them suffer with no help, Dr. Mathilde Krim was a hero and pioneer in slowing down those numbers when most other doctors were afraid to touch sick patients. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK, YOUR DEDICATION, YOUR DETERMINATION AND YOUR LOVE. #rip
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We often say at GMHC that we stand on the shoulders of giants, and there are few people who have been more influential in the fight to end HIV/AIDS than Dr. Mathilde Krim. Dr. Krim, the founding chairman of @amfar died yesterday at the age of 91. She was an early and crucial voice in the AIDS response as she advocated for medical research and increased government funding to identify, understand, and combat the virus, and she used her remarkable insight and influence to mobilize the entertainment community to fight against bigotry, stigma, and AIDS itself. She spoke out forcefully against intolerance and was just as comfortable testifying at a Senate hearing as she was addressing a rowdy LGBT crowd at a leather bar. We proudly carry on her legacy of fighting against injustice, using evidence-based approaches in our work, and treating each other with dignity.