Privacy Source DES is stealing your money and Bank of America is helping them.

Today I found a charge on my Bank statement today from Privacy Source DES a company affiliated with Bank Of America. I had never heard of them before today. It appears however that according to Angela Jeffrey in their offices they have been stealing 129.99 out of my account rather anonymously for over 8 years.  The total theft of the amount stolen over this time period is 1039.92. The reason the charges went unnoticed is because the company is supposed to protect you from identity theft for Bank of America.

If this seems confusing it is. It gets much worse.  I was supposed to have received a welcome packet and an ID card some 7+ years ago in 2005. When I pressed on I found that the mailings were not going to the right address at all.  These mailings containing my personal credit information and credit card accounts have instead been sent to the wrong address for 8+ years.

I am aghast by the negligence of both Privacy Source DES and their affiliated partner Bank of America for letting this occur and continue to occur. I have stopped the most recent payment and was told that payment would be returned. I have asked that the full amount of 1039.92 be returned immediately.

If Privacy Source DES appears on your Bank of America Statement and you did not request their services call the office of the President at Privacy Source DES and ask for Megan Baron at 877-799 2511.

To learn more about Bank of America’s affiliation with Privacy Source DES please see

If you wish to file a complaint with your local attorney generals office against Privacy Source DES and or Bank of America you can find your local attorney general in your state listed in this National Directory of Attorney General’s.  NAAG | Current Attorneys General .