Oh what a night … #megatweetup, #movember, #teamboston, #Followfriday blog.

Last night was pretty amazing in Boston. The first ever #megatweetup took place on floors 10 and 11 of the Nerd Center in Cambridge. Hundreds of people turned out for good food, good spirits and good discussion. There were awards handed out for best tweet ups and a few world records set for most check ins in same location on four square (56 I think) @joselinmane aka @bostontweetup should be commended for putting on such a great event at a really cool venue. There were so many familiar faces there I cannot list them all. People I saw and said hello to

@cc_chapman,@stevegarfield,@joselinmane,@bostonmarketer,@reikobeach.@marketingProfs, @cmajor, @bostonmike, @msmamet,@kurteng, @repcor, @psalvitti, @nooneyouknow @goodridge, @bostoncfo, @stargazzr, @pamelawella, @tamadear,@MattTGrant, @ariherzog, @urwingman, @rrbaker, @karabee, @thatbeach,@vanhoosear, @fairminder, @adamweiss, and there was a guy that looked lots like @chrisbrogan, but we all know he never attends events.

There was noshing of food, really good food. The one interesting snafu was that you could not drink on the 10th floor but could on the 11th floor (NERD house rules) People eating were walking up and drinking their drinks and vice versa. It lended itself to a night club atmosphere however with many, many people on the balcony with drinks in hands chatting away with others down below eating and chatting. My guess is that alcohol will stain concrete floors. If you think getting Merlot out of the rug is bad, try unfinished concrete slab.

The audio was kind of a challenge partly because people were chatting non stop. It would have been nice if people could hear everyone that was speaking. I could hardly hear @stevegarfield but I got the visual and added to the four square record (that was cool Steve!) The awards were handed out for different tweetups many I had heard about but had not attended, and @bostonmarketer was recognized for her efforts in helping launch Boston Tweet up which was very cool. I still regret missing the #burritup and I was glad to see @cmajor won for it.

The message that was was loud and clear was that a tweetup can be organized and be about anything your heart is content with. It can be about scooters, burritos, rooftop parties, Ford Taurus automobiles, etc etc etc. What a great event, @joselinmane it was ton’s of fun.

I then headed over to #movember shortly after 9 and joined the mo bros and sisters from #teamboston. There was @mikelangford, @jimstorer, @jeffcuttler, @carissao, @gradontripp, @schneidermike, @derekwilmot,@cc_chapman,@felixbpd,@ellenrossano,@urwingman, @peplau, @grahamnelson, and @nooneyouknow.

Special thanks to @sdigregorio (Shannon Digregorio) for making mustache lolly pops and selling them at the gala to close the 100 dollar gap that got #TeamBoston over 20K raised. Shannon also won miss #movember, congrats on that Shannon.

There were lots and lots of great costumes on hand and I wasn’t there but I heard through twitter that #teamboston swept the Boston #movember awards. Great Pictures taken by Jim Storer @jimstorer can be seen here . When I got home, I raced to the bathroom and I shaved off the Mo. #nomoreMos. It was a great Party and I wish I could have stayed longer but I had an early morning today. Congratulations to everyone on #teamboston .