This isn’t the spring I am looking for. Dangers in my bran muffin. Can you say law suit neighbor? #yuck!

So our News Stand at work sells muffins and I get a bran one this am. The only problem is that there is a metal spring in mine that I almost choke on. I tell the News Stand owner and they refer me to Angela at Georges Bakery in Medford MA aka

I speak with Angela and she explains that they are a distributor only and that all the muffins are baked at in Boston, MA and gives me her account managers name and email address. Her accountmanagers name is Zeena.

Zeena calls and mentioned that a muffin scooper may be to blame and that it has a spring like the one baked in the muffin that IĀ all-mostĀ choked on. She also asked for my contact info. This whole episode has made me sick.