Buying movie tickets online at movie check your monthly statement afterwards.

I noticed a charge on my bank account recently that did not register . It was for a discount program I did not know I joined. It is that company that takes your credit card information after you purchase tickets at movie They say they will award you ten dollars towards the next purchase and I guess I signed up for something more then that about a year ago when I took my kids to see a movie.

They charge a monthly fee apparently and offer you discounts, to what I don’t know for in about a years time I was not offered any discounts nor did my ten dollars on my next purchase at ever materialize.

I spoke with customer service at and the nice woman there said they get calls about this problem all the time. She even had this other company’s number at the ready to fend me off. I assured her I was rational and we chatted and she explained that she thought it was a bad program also and not worth her companies time in handling irate callers less civil then myself.

I took the number from the woman and called this other company and they gave me a full refund of all charges that hit my card monthly for about a year. They were very pleasant and why not I had loaned they money monthly for about a year, interest free.

I then tried to call corporate headquarters and was told I could speak to customer service or nobody else. I asked to speak with the CIO, I figured why not ask him why this service is even part of the online purchasing experience?

We do not give out that information I was told, and I said that’s interesting and thank you for your time. I guess they get too many calls asking for the CIO about this very thing. Hmmmmm.