It’s Bobby being Bobby

We are just a few weeks into the season but there is already trouble for Bobby Valentine in Boston.  This is not new this is Bobby being Bobby. He was the same way as manager for the NY Mets 10+ years ago, he is just more promotional and less filtered then back then. Granted losing your closer and star center fielder does not help, but calling out Kevin Youkilis when Youk is struggling and perhaps “not as emotionally attached” to baseball as Bobby V would assert is just stupid and inaccurate. It is also probably harder for Youk to concentrate on baseball now that he is perceived by the Beckett bunch perhaps as the team snitch when it comes to Chicken gate. Batting while looking over your shoulder has got to suck. I may not agree with Curt Shilling and some of his politics, but I agree any real fan can see there is an issue brewing in Boston and it’s not a new Sam Adams summer lager.