This can’t be happening again? But it did. We booked with Thomas Last year because we liked his place, and we liked him. We came in however and had to wait 5 hours to get into our room because it wasn’t ready. The cleaning person was MIA. Thomas comped us which was nice and we felt we should give him a 2nd chance. We booked for three days this time hoping for better and the same exact thing happened. Room wasn’t ready. Cleaning woman was in ER.. We were then moved over to another room and we found hairs in it that did not belong to us. Not really sure it was cleaned either. We ended up sleeping fully clothed the nights we staid there. Other issues: Wifi was out, broken TV in hallway, Broken outlet in hall way, Broken air vent in hallway, no safety rail on lower stairs, cracked window in room, no soap in shower, ½ used baby shampoo in shower. The real scary part I discovered however is there are no smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors in the whole rental space… Needless to say we will not be back. It’s a real shame this place had a great deal of promise.