Banking hours ?

Chris Brogan posted that he slept 10 hours strait today. Two things come to mind, make that three. The first is that he must be on vacation. The 2nd is that contrary to popular belief Chris is not super human but mortal like the rest of us. Now for the third, I have always believed that when you are younger ages 13- 30 and you sleep-in and get 10-12 hours of sleep (or more) you are simply banking hours. Hours that your body needs yes, but also hours that your body will use later for the greater good. When you become a parent that greater good is realized. You get up early, you do extraordinary things and you give back those banked hours. So sleep in when you can, get the rest you need because most of you will have children and you will rise to the occasion and give all those hours back. That is unless your name is Lance Armstrong then you’ll go and win the Tour De france 7 or so times.

What are you banking hours for?

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