Do you know the WAZE to San Jose?

Dionne Warwick I apologize in advance this blog has nothing to do with your iconic 60’s song but here is a link to it in case people were looking for it, and or are too young to get my inane reference.

This blog is about a crowd-sourcing tool I use to beat the dreaded Boston area traffic. It’s name is WAZE and I first learned of it at work at the Volpe center in Cambridge.

At first I thought it was kind of silly but it has literally saved me hours off my commuting.  This app pulls from all the recent posts and check ins done along a given route and gives you crowd-sourced accurate feedback on the different routes to Boston that are light in traffic.

From Metrowest MA, some days it’s the Pike, some days route 9, others Route 30.  It relies on people providing the feedback and people do, and do and do. They call out cars on the shoulder, speed traps accidents and congestion. It’s got groups so you can send the info to groups like the Metrowest Wazers to name one I joined. You get points for helping others and you grow as a Wazer.  There is also a link to foursquare so you can check in through it as well.  There is also a section of low pricing at gas stations. It’s a very cool app and it just gets better as more people start to use it. The more users the better the information on the morning commute.  So start using WAZE today, and save time on yours and My commute.

For more information and to download WAZE visit  

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