A reflection

I attended a few social media events recently in Boston and as always it was great seeing people I had not seen in awhile. For people wondering, I have deleted plancast and foursquare so if I run into you at an event it will be a surprise. I like that. The mystery of running into someone rather then just knowing they are present because my phone says so. I like talking to people, interacting, listening to what they have to say, seeing if I can help them somehow.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.
I think the gadgets are starting to take over, and that many of the people using them have lost social skills at their expense. Do you remember when you called your friends and said what are you doing? 
I turned 50 last friday and had a wonderful birthday with my Lady Karen. We stayed down near Fanuiel hall and had dinner in the South end. It was a great day of reflection and being present, enjoying one anothers company, and being in the moment. I am so greatful I have found a woman so beautiful, so wonderfully grounded that I miss her madly when she is not present.
For me personally,  losing some of the tools has allowed me more time to focus on work, friends and family. I still have work to do, but I think I am headed in the right direction finally.
What grounds you these days? 

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