What do I do now?

I was recently laid off at my sales and biz development position so now it is time to do some biz development for myself.  I need a job, sales is something I do, but it’s not something I really enjoy.  I need to find something out there that I can sink my teeth into.

My strengths: I can set up events like nobody’s business. I can also produce, shoot and edit good video content. I can also market a company and fill a pipe line with qualified leads.  I am also good at teaching others how easy it is to shoot and edit video almost to the point that they want to run out and do just that after I have gotten them started. I am aso passionate about sharing information and things I find helpful and fun in some cases. If there is a better way to do something I’ll try and find it and share it.

What I need now however is your help. I need a new career, I need an opportunity whereby all my creativity and energies are utilized.  Do you remember on your old resumes you wrote something like that as your goal..  My goal is to be employed, to do something in marketing and content creation where I can help a company or organization push themselves forward.

If you know me and are reading this, I honestly need your feedback. If you hear of a internal position in video, content production, social media that you think I would be a fit for please, please send it to me. I am open to suggestion here and your advice is greatly appreciated.

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