We are under attack… 10 years later.

10 Years ago I walked into the offices of Mass AV which were then located on Cambridge Street in Burlington.  I was just back from my friend Matt Dillon’s wedding after spending my honeymoon in Italy.  While I was away we had installed a 42" LCD monitor in the lobby. It had a TV feed on and people were watching the first tower at WTC smoke. When the 2nd plane hit the tower I gasped and uttered the words we are under attack. I should not have said it but it just came out.  I went back to my desk and sat in shock like everyone at work that day.  A few hours later the Executive director of the Canadian -US woodworking conference called me from the Hynes Convention Center telling me they had been shut down and asked to leave the building. All sky scrapers in the US had become targets and all planes were grounded.  The executive director asked me if he could get a refund and what he should do, I told him he should go home to his family if he could. I put him on hold and walked into John Lally’s office he was my boss and president of MassAV then. I explained the situation and he took the call. 
I remember that day, I remember trying to call all my friends in NYC to make sure they were ok. I remember going home and knowing my job had changed also and that our business was about to go away for awhile. I wondered what it is I could do to help, to change things. I felt helpless, and that is never a good feeling.

Watching the replays over the years does not help, I try not to watch them now. Not because I don’t care, but because it reminds me how frail we are, how frail I am. It reminds me that in a blink of an eye it can all be gone.

I have signs taped up in my apartment that say “I will not waste this day for it is a gift”. Some days I waste them still, but not as much as I used to. We should never take life for granted, we should cherish every moment. We should live everyday as best we can. We should never forget those we lost, but we should also live our lives fully and not waste them. Those that died that day would want us live our lives to the fullest otherwise their sacrifice is in vain.

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