Hey @rcnconnects when am I getting reconnected?

I have cable for my kids and I do work from home editing video and uploading it for clients. Upload speed needs to be good otherwise it is a long hurry up and wait proposition. I had called RCN quite a few times about it was warned that if they came out and found nothing wrong it would cost me 75.00 which put me off. I finally broke down after 9 months and made the service demand. They came out and tech said that my modem had been recalled about a year earlier. This became a credit. RCN could have avoided it by just coming out with out the 75.00 threat but oh well. Not listening to their customer cost them. Now my service has been out a week and RCN has no idea when it will be fixed. Comcast has called me and told me that RCN is so hurting financially they might not recover and that the readon why its not being fixed fadt is because RCN does not own their own network. Nice business practice comcast, kicking RCN when they are down. I hate cable companies, @comcastcares , @rcnconnects they both suck. Comcast charges you twice what RCN will charge you, but you get what you pay for with RCN . I have been using my neighbors wifi to work from home this week. So RCN when is my service going to be reconnected?

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