It’s ok to be unhappy.

Today’s business moves fast, social media aids this. We are able to communicate, convey and be seen faster then ever before. A friend Ja-nae Duane posted a video recently about her own recent travels and what she learned about herself being on the road doing the social tour. She talked about being vulnerable and being able to lower you guard. Her video was poignant, and brave.

I mentioned on her Facebook that to take it a step further being real is ok. There has been a rather false assertion in social circles that the facade you is the transparent you. Thats not the case at all and anyone with any intelligence at all will see right through it anyway.
People come from different places and spaces, and they bring their baggage with them. It is ok to feel, and to be unhappy sometimes and not perfect. It’s also ok to be guarded sometimes around people. Some people online, are just not worth the offline time investment.
I think speaking your mind and being authentic rules. People ultimately will either accept you as you are, or not.
If they don’t accept you that’s OK also.

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