Best Insurance Customer Service Ever

I have been a Commerce Insured driver for like 20+ years in Massachusetts. It’s not the company that is real good it’s their agent representatives. I think some of the Commerce Insurance antiquated systems need to be fixed, but that’s another blog written by somebody lots smarter than me. The Pevear Agency in Wellesley MA has always had the best customer Service people. Rick has a knack for finding people who care about their customers. I hear Commerce Insurance is looking into customer retention, Start with the Peveer agency, find out what Rick Pevear knows and then try and replicate it if you can. Kristy was my original saving grace and now Heidi is the Insurance savior. She just sent a check ( her own personal) for the balance on my insurance bill. It wasn’t much but ( I transcribed a few numbers) The fact that she just did it was way beyond customer service. She knew I would get cancelled otherwise by Commerce. Commerce Insurance sees people as dollar signs, balances due and transactions. The Pevear agency sees people well like people. Crazy idea huh?

Here is a link to the Pevear agency in Wellesley

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