Spring Colds @#$$$%%#@ Why?

If you’re like me and I hope you’re not, I get a cold every spring. It’s like a change of season switch goes off and my immune system with it. Is it the time change? , too much sunlight? I don’t know why, I just get one and I can almost set my watch to it. It only lasts three days because I take zinc when I feel it coming on. Day 2 is always the worst day, forget about moving, its a just lie there and die day. This year I got a bonus of Chuck Barkley dissing the big east college basketball conference with Rick Pitino sitting next to him, made me laugh while I was dying. I also died when Pitt was bounced out by an official. Nice Call. Not. I also ate random bad for me comfort food and soup. I Drank a boat load of juice also. Not sure why I get this cold, I read a few articles about seasonal stuff and it could be allergies. Here is the article I read when I was dying this weekend on day 2. http://www.symptomfind.com/diseases-conditions/seasonal-allergies/ . By day three I was my chipper self and off to my daughter’s birthday party.

If you do feel a cold coming on get some cold zinc stuff, it kills your cold in ½. Drink Juice, eat soup, and feeling like your dying on day 2 is fine. Just know that by day three you better get on with your life.

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