I survived my first group exercise class.

When you try and get in shape you measure your progress. You find a benchmark and you compare where you are and where you want to be. It makes little difference how far off in the vast outer reaches of space that might be, but you try and sometimes you do stupid stuff.
Taking a class with an instructor with negative body fat is stupid stuff.  Trying to burn fat and see out of ones glasses is also stupid stuff.  Its like I become my own hot house yoga thing. Well it’s hot damn it. 

Taking off the glasses was good but then I was blind and the girls around me kept stealing my hand weights. I started with 6 and ended with 2 which was a moral victory of sorts. It’s kind of like golf with my friend Phil. We start off with 4 balls and he ends up with 11.
My celebration however, is that I survived it, I may not have done all the exercises but I didn’t leave in the middle and I didn’t throw up either. Lisa maybe a negative bodyfat tazmanian she devil, but I survived it.  So what if it took me three hours to raise my arms to get
my fingers to move to write this blog post.

Baby steps. 

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