Somebody handed me a chicken…

Daddy Meal on the Fly #1
Somebody handed me a rotisserie chicken today that had been in fridge since Sunday. Never opened and refrigerated. I had planned on making my kids pasta but now I had a chicken. I knew I had no gravy at home so I hit the 7/11. They had no gravy, but had Chicken broth and cream of mushroom soup. I suspect the ladies just went aha but the guys are thinking what the F…

So I tore apart the chicken and cubed the breasts, I put the chicken broth and mushroom soup mix on slow boilI opened a can of sweet peas and I also cooked some rice in my rice cooker (but you can use stove top instead if you like.) Toss the cubed chicken and peas into the broth and mushroom concoction and slow cook for about a ½ hour. Bring to boil
then turn it down low so any unneeded water evaporates.

When Rice cooker is done with rice ( about the same ½ hour) spoon rice out and cover with Chicken, Mushroom and peas stuff. It’s ok to accept praise from your kids on this dish but you will feel guilty doing so I know I did.

It was really good and the 14 year old boy had thirds…

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