It’s not personal it’s just business.

There is big flap on the internet about Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana. It would not be a big deal to me except my 7 year old loves Miley and has me dial in the Disney Channel when in my car.  

Parent groups are up in arms over how sexual 17 year old Miley has gotten in her latest video. Hello Parents,  this is called the disney backlash. It happens when a music artist wants to evolve away from Disney and jump to top 40. It’s not personal it’s business. In fact this time Disney has been pushing Selena Gomez songs so the transition might not be that startling to some my daughters age.

People / parents  need to realize that kids grow up. Heck I have acknowledge this even if I have trouble with it. Sadly their heroes grow older also, just faster. The artists need to evolve as artists and go on to the next level. We will call it the Brittney zone. Miley needs to make the money while she can. 
This means it’s time to slut it up sadly. Its sad that society almost demands this.  It’s also sad that this trickles down to the next artist, then the next artist and so on.  They hit that darn Disney wall and cross over into the Britney zone.

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