My podcamp 2010 experience, the magic of now.

I really enjoyed this years version of Podcampboston, and It’s taken me a week to sort my feelings. It was a very good experience but it felt different. I think there is something different about hosting an un-conference in a building that is the pinnacle of convention in the Microsoft Nerd center. The Umass campus felt well like a campus, we went to learn and it felt scholarly if thats a word. It was my first podcamp then but it felt like we were going to camp. I also stayed in town last year so it almost felt like a vacation of sorts.
This year I hosted return of the Video suspects. A group I put together made up of friends, Boston Media makers and people I knew in the online video business. Our presentation last year was new way for us to share information about stuff we knew about in video. This years presentation went even better I thought. We also finished closer to on time before the walls literally came tumbling down.

When I signed up for a topic in July, my topic was too verbose for google docs and I was given 2 slots. I thank the organizers for this for the 2nd session went even better. “the visual suspects” turned to the audience for questions and we sourced topics, pictures and graphics live using google search, we were all working together and sharing on the fly and that was really cool, that was the magic I suppose of NOW ?
I am thankful again to Organizers Christopher Penn, and especially Michelle Wolverton for putting the event together again. You guys rock. Steve Sherlock should also be commended for being the smoothest as glass registration paul revere hat wearing dude ever.

If you wish to see a video of the visual suspects first presentation please see

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