Taking back the body…

A friend commented that I seem focused on fitness today on my facebook page. I am. I realized that in order to meet my grandkids some changes were in order. Good by Five guys hello veggies and hummus.

I recently joined a gym, after looking at a few places I joined focused on fitness on wethersfield road in Natick. The Owner is Andrew Provost and he’s been in athletics almost all his life. I figure if he can’t help me get back into less oblate shape then who can? His website is at http://www.focusedonfitness.com/ and he also has a fitness blog at http://focusedonfitnesswithandyprovost.blogspot.com/

I like the gym so far, and the people are all pretty friendly and always say hello. Andy also gives you a key so you can come in and workout whenever. He has given me tips and when I feel I am ready he will be assisting me with personal training. There are also group sessions and classes, but right now its about getting started again.

I am greatful I found this place, I once belonged to Golds gym but I am not really the muscle man type. I also went to another personal trainer but he seemed more interested in playing with fart machines then personal training.

Focused on fitness is a great fit for me. Now if I can just lose the 30 pounds I have set as my goal by next week…

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