Do you know what your relationship is with your client?

Sometimes in sales you think you know what the relationship is. You work hard and you hope to be rewarded for your efforts. Sometimes however all is not what it seems and if you don’t ask the right questions you can get fooled.  I was fooled recently.  I assumed. I hoped and thought that the client I was trying to work with would do the right thing. They didn’t and I was certain they wouldn’t but I was surprised nonetheless. I was hurt even.

I may have exacerbated the problem by venting.  Venting doesn’t help, it’s not professional and even if the relationship is solid it’s risky. You can look like a real dope. Fortunately I think the person understood where I was comming from, I hope she did.

I think however if it all happened again, I would do the same thing. Not that I have not learned from the experience, but I think I would be better at asking the right questions so none of the above happened in the first place.
Have you ever had a situation get to you even when you knew it was coming?

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