To tweetup or not to tweetup that is the question.

My first foray into hosting a tweetup in Boston was an unmitigated disaster. I like 80’s music and I enjoy talking with people. I figured hanging out and listening to 80’s music and talking to people would be fun. I was wrong. This apparently does not a tweetup make. I am not certain what the proper “tweetup parameters are”, but I am sure there are people that worry about that somewhere. I thought I would give it a go, I had read the Stuart Foster article on how to host a successful tweetup after-all.

I had a good venue in House of blues, there was a 80’s concert going on afterward that people could attend if they wanted to pay 20.00 to go see some cool local 80’s bands. I had suggested to people to dress up, make it fun and send me a few 80’s songs they liked and remembered so I could add them to the play list… Crickets.

It wasn’t a total loss or waste of time for I learned much about the online hosting of events and how serious it is. I did learn much more about eventbrite, which btw is a real good platform for your event. They have great customer service and also send you guidance emails which assist in helping you with your event.

I also learned that there are two different tweetvite / twtvite entities. Both look good, and both have good analytic s. Twtvite is dialed into a whole suite of other products. and you can measure practically everything about your tweetup it appears. That’s a good thing right?

Ironically I had much better luck in the 80’s with groups and hosted events. Back then, we yelled our parties and event invites at the top of our lungs out in the Quad at NU. We also usually got about 100 or so attendees. Ahhh progress.

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