Back up your Data Now or else….

I had a rather rude awakening the other day. A Western Digital 500 GB Firewire hard drive I bought in 2007 croaked, died, started the dreaded click clik click on startup. This is a universal sound of death apparently. I did not have any irreplaceable on it, its just a big inconvenience and time suck.

I spent Friday looking into Data Recovery Options, which it turns out is an oxymoron. It really means “it will cost you a minimum of between 49.00 and 65.00 dollars for anyone to determine if they can even help you.”

Twelpforce (Bestbuy online) tried to help on twitter by enlisting about 7 people responding and talking around the problem until I suggested I take it to Best Buy in Natick to get it looked at and it was agreed that was best.

I got an estimate of 3000.00 from Data Doctors. They were very certain they knew my problem and that they could fix it. They even called me from CA after I spoke to a local office in MA. Great response time, but the pricing is crazy.

The thing I just don’t believe is this premise that fixing and recovering data requires a clean room. Mixing plutonium probably does require a clean room, Data recovery probably not so much. The thought that all these companies need 2500.00 to get a 150.00 hard drive to spit out it’s data is a little too wizard of Oz for me, even given the fact I produce video. If they charge that much why not let the person with the hard drive fly to the clean room and observe the process then in person. Make it a vacation to the clean room and data recovery world?

My feeling is that most of the companies online claim to be able to do data recovery but really don’t. It’s my gut telling me something smells bad. It’s also 49.00 – 65.00 dollars to find out what the problem with the failed hard drive might be, and maybe a solution.

We all rely on computers to do our stuff. We all have backups of our stuff. With millions of people paying 49.00 – 65.00 that’s lots of money spent on maybe. I say we save that 49-65 million dollars right now.

Maybe coming up with a better backup plan is a better idea. Hmmm I found mine online. Please see

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