Jackass meet the Stupid human trick

When I was a kid I loved to skateboard and I was kinda dumb also. I would skate down Hanson lane until my parents caught me. My skateboard would be confiscated but I’d get another one and or rescue mine from the trash. One dumb day I decided it was a good idea to slalom skate on a tow line behind a car. This was before good equipment was designed so I had sneakers on and gloves I think. I won’t mention the driver, but after about mile into our stupid human trick we had the cops chasing us. My friend thought it was a good idea to drive off and ended up speeding down the soap box derby hill on quaker ridge, forgetting that I was now on a skate board doing about 60 right behind him. When the siren came on he pulled over and I rode down the off ramp to Pine brook boulevard. I thought I was clear until another cop came and got me. I remember not getting my skateboard back that day and also talking my way out of a JD card. I think New Rochelle was the last city to stop issuing them. It was the 70’s, the JD cards were so 1950’s but more importantly lost in all this was the first ever jackass meets the stupid human trick.

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