So Apple, where exactly did my pictures go?


I renewed my flickr account yesterday for Skip Bensley aka Brilliant Video. I noticed however that lots of pictures were missing.
I had shot 100’s of pictures for MITX, Social Media Club Boston, and at other social events and the pictures were gone. It wasn’t that they
were not visible because of the lapsed account mind you they were gone baby gone. It appears that when I transferred all my data
off of my old editing Machine to the new one that the pictures did not all transfer. It also appears that Iphoto 11 overrides your settings for
Iphoto 09. It might have been good to note before I linked my accounts, but that part was done automatically.

Ahhhh the sweet irony in convenience programming is astounding sometimes. Fortunately I backed up these pictures and I will be uploading them again.
So if you see tweets about pictures that are old, or some pictures that you have seen flash by on friend feed don’t despair you are not in a time warp.
My new Apple computer is.


Skip Bensley

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field I’ll meet you there” – Rumi

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