#klout should be out, how helpful are you should be in.

Warning this is a rant.

We should not worry too much about #Klout, We should worry more about being helpful online and moving everyone forward. I think that the niche pirates have had their moment. They jumped the gatekeeper, created their own games, made their money, published their books helped themselves and their families and created really good #klout scores. Fantastic! Now what? .

We still have poverty, hunger, high unemployment, a dysfunctional government, and a ravaged education system. We export almost nothing and import everything. We have a million trillion billion dollar deficit. But we have #klout scores.

What we do well now it appears is create ways to amuse ourselves. Is that really an export? Is it really important to figure out who or what you influenece online? Really?

How about we start measuring how helpful a person is online, what positive outcomes can that person be directly tied to. What world changing event did they usher in? How about a “that was helpful” button for twitter and facebook?

Here’s my last thought. Ashton Kutcher has a Klout score of 97. George Clooney 0.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. – Rumi

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