The Apple Saga Finally Ended Today in a nano second.

Almost a month after I ordered my Dad’s Gift Card from Apple all debts and credits have been satisfied albeit non conventionally. Sami List was assigned to me by apple after a horde (6-7) different reps at apple had made a real mess of my credit, re-issue of card and then refund. I kept getting emails from apple saying that I had been refunded but of course they refunded the money to a long dead and dormant account I stopped using 6 years ago. But they kept saying it was in my itunes account and I kept saying no it’s not.
The way apple went about issuing a new gift card for my Dad was very interesting. They bought a card from the local apple store near my dad’s house in IL. They then had the store manager read the card # to apple in Cupertino who relayed it to me then my Dad. He was able to use it on Christmas eve. Mission accomplished.

The 2nd part was even weirder. I sent an email wanting credit for the shipping. I figured since they delivered it to me in MA and not to my Dad in IL they should take care of it. They agreed and tried to credit it back. No luck, because Fedex said they delivered the package they never got a signature for. Hmmm. Apple then said they would credit me the shipping and my father’s new gift card because of all the trouble I went through. I said that wasn’t necessary but excepted readily.
They left a message saying the credit had gone through and I checked and it had not. This went on another ½ week with apple trying to apply a credit to my functioning itunes account with no luck at all. Everyday Sami checked in to see if I saw anything. It was funny.

Finally Sami called and said they found what was happening and they (apple) offered me a new 8 gb Nano. The value is about 150.00. I said sure and thank you.
Sami list should be promoted to manager at apple. I sense she is former military and was a no nonsense problem solver that finally had to laugh with me at the situation that was created at apple. I told her the backlash of me writing this blog is apple might make her a pariah of sorts for doing such an amazing job in sorting out the mess that is apple
online purchasing. Thanks apple for finally solving this mess in a nano second.

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