My Top ten favorite iphone / Itouch Apps so far…

My Sister Robin got an Itouch for Christmas, and immediately wanted to know about apps to download. I explained there are free apps and apps you pay for. I of course prefer the free ones. Here is my top Ten list of favorites with hyper links to each one.

1. Siri . Voice activated concierge, slick even when it does not work perfectly.

2. Dropbox Share files with clients, friends and complete strangers

3. Facebook If you don’t know facebook by now your dead, or on life support in a coma.

4. Hootsuite takes some of the stress out of being socially relevant.

5. Linkedin or Facebook for business people. I can’t say that now they may go public.

6. ESPN Know the score, nah nah nah nah nah nah.

7. Wallet Zero Take all those club cards and plu scan plastic things and enter them into app. Then scan phone at checkout. Toss plastic in recycling. (TYJM)

8. Pandora or Satellite radio for the free world. You can stream it to your car. I do. Figure it out spanky.

9. Mapquest 4 Mobile Too cheap for a GPS I give you Mapquest for Mobile. Allow time for getting lost.

10. QIK Video yourself and others live or to your phone to view or share later.

Have fun with this list and let me be the last to say Happy New Year

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