Podcamp Boston 4 was a great learning experience

I had the pleasure and Privilege to attend Pod-camp Boston 4 this past weekend. If you have not been to a pod-camp go, go now. The brightest people with some of the best knowledge and idea’s of what’s happening next are there now. For me it was hopeful affirmation that I am doing it right. I also learned more then my find can fully comprehend at this point. I am sure I will have a few more blogs to spill from it as time goes on.

I made some new acquaintances, and I got to know previous acquaintances better. I also led a group of video guys on a presentation about where we thought online video is headed. Our slide share and our video will be posted shortly.

My thanks to the organizers of Pod-camp Boston 4 and all their efforts in making this the great learning experience it was. Take a Bow


  • Michelle Wolverton, Lead Organizer
  • Christopher Penn
  • Whitney Hoffman
  • Chris Brogan
  • Steve Sherlock
  • Doug Haslam
  • Guido Stein
  • Lance Gomes
  • Adam Weiss

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