Listen to your customers or else its not caring Magnified

I placed an order for Company Logo Shirts with Queensboro shirt Company on July 4th. I needed them for the SBANE annual golf tournament. Which was a few weeks later. The process was simple, the email feedback in the process great and I assumed incorrectly that I would get my shirts in plenty of time. They shipped them flat rate on 16th and they missed by a few days. I was bummed because the shirts came out great but I wasn’t happy with the slow shipping and I filled it out on the CS survey.

I get a call today from a followup person at Queensboro Shirts and she asks me questions about my survey. She then explains why their shipping is why it is and offers to give me expedited shipping on my next order. That would be great but what about the order I got? She didn’t really want to address the situation except to say it was what it was. UPS ground is UPS ground. If that’s the answer then why use it?

I said to her that everything up to them sending the shipment the slowest way possible was great. She did say she was sorry but asked if she could be of further help and I said no, because she was not listening to anything I said. She was just going through the motions of collecting feedback because I was probably on her to do list and she was full filling her job description.

If you want your customers feedback, listen to it even if its bad. Going through the motions and not listening is almost worse then not caring. It’s not caring magnified.
I might have bought shirts from Queensboro again before the follow up phone call, now maybe not so much.

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