April Showers bring May Flowers

It’s a crummy raw wet day out, so why not blog? This past week flew by for I was flying back and forth from the DC area. I shot footage for Network World and Keith Shaw. We shot an interview he is doing as part of the IT insider series. We visited EDS in Herndon VA to conduct the interview. Everything went well and the interview should be online in a few weeks.

Monday, I Made what I think was a strong pitch to do some testimonial videos for a westboro company’s website later in the spring. The are traveling to a trade show and will have access to their customers all in one setting. The idea is to shot about 6-8 of these testimonials on tradeshow site at an adjacent hotel. This would be a cost effective way rather then flying around the country trying to get these interviews.

Testimonial video from your customers is big right now. Having your customers sell your company for you with stories of wins and great customer service makes a great statement about your company, and can go far to helping a potential customer chose your company over others they might be considering.

Have a Happy Easter Everyone

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