New Marketing Summit wraps at the Razor.

Brilliant Video Productions just wrapped up work with Cross Tech Media and work on the New Marketing Summit out at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.(Oct 14 & 15 2008) We were hired to assist Chris Brogan, Mike Lewis, Bill Sell and company with a show featuring the latest in Marketing trends.

Personally, I am still digesting what I learned and heard which was tons. The term “Millennial” is now branded in my head . This refers to those born in the Y generation or after 1980 and before 2005.

“Millennials” are very social, tech savy and can help make or break your company depending on the way you approach marketing to them. Apparently listening to where they are and aren’t (face book, blogger, twitter, and my space) helps in assessing where to invest your time as a company and as a marketing entity. Obviously the conference gave me lots of ideas and information much through osmosis purely.

We recorded all the main presentation sessions and also did informal satellite interviews with Mike Lewis from the Fidelity Club at Patriots place. All in all the Cross Tech event was very well received with attendees, and clients all happy with the outcome.

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