What is your plan?

Make sure you vote, sitting out this time is not an option.

Do you remember what happened last time? We didnt take him serious enough, we didn’t realize that there were so many angry old white men who were sitting at home with nothing to do but stir things up. Stir things up they did.

Sure the Russions influenced these poor angry white guys and made them believe that Donald Trump was their saviour, that he would save them all. Has he saved them? Really?

Trump supporters are very loyal, to the point of following their leader into the ER room after getting Covid 19 from an indoor rally. This of course is their choice, if they want to die after all that is their right. They will also fight for the right to life almost as viamently as they will fight to perhaps die.

Don’t be fooled however into thinking That Biden Harris are a lock however. Every vote counts and every electoral counts. We need to make sure Trump and Pence are gone.

We have lost our way as a country. We are divided, there is no United States. We don’t lead the world in anything anymore except reality TV , drug addiction and Covid deaths. Is this really what we want for our children?

Make a plan and vote, this is way too important this time. Oh and if you sat by the sidelines in 2016 shame on you.

#makeaplan #votehimout #election2020 #blacklivesmatter

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