Why Kyrie needs to go.

It’s time to let Kyrie Irving go. It’s time to face the facts that win or lose this guy is headed either to the New York Knicks, or he is headed to Los Angeles Lakers. Considering his acting career desires, The Lakers makes more sense.

Lets face it, the young Boston Celtics play much better team basketball without Kyrie. That, and their collective body language around him now is almost as bad as Melania’s around the Donald.

It appears Anthony Davis also wants nothing to do with the Celtics so finding a young star in the middle will not be easy. Who is out there? Can we solve anything with draft picks? I think trading Kyrie to the Lakers for a package of players and draft picks makes sense. Let’s make this years run without him. We did pretty well last year. Danny Ainge , it’s time.

1 thought on “Why Kyrie needs to go.

  1. I agree that the Celtics are better off without Kyrie moving forward if he is going to continue his attempts to imitate what he sees as LeBron’s leadership style. Kyrie seems to think that because he went to 3 finals with LeBron and won one title that somehow he’s now some great leader. But, Kyrie seems to forget that LeBron dragged him up that mountain. Kyrie never even made to the playoffs before LeBron came back to Cleveland! And last year, this Celtics team came within 9 points of going to the NBA Finals without Kyrie.

    Unfortunately, the Celtics missed their chance to trade him. He can opt out of his contract at the end of the season and become an unrestricted free agent. The only way the Celtics can get anything for him would be to execute a sign and trade deal. In that case, Kyrie would choose where he wants to go as a free agent and tell that team he’ll only go there if they can do a sign and trade so he can get his 5th year. I just don’t see that happening.

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