It took me awhile for me to summon the right words to express myself about this particular story. I think my point is made, however.

That story had everything. Two girls, a 4 some, a bar,  and a dying parent. It had debauchery, intrigue, and mystery.  The not making it back in time to see a parent pass was a real heart tugger. The problem is the whole story is a complete fabrication, 

Phillip. We met for a drink at the bar that part is true, but I would never be caught dead having a foursome in the same room as you. You have seen you yes? If for some reason your needing to get a drink that day, and the timing of which made you miss Anthony’s eclipse that’s on you bunky.

The reason I stopped talking to you was in a previous blog post about not using friends as movers, chauffeurs or concierges. Maybe you should have read it. Here is that post again you insufferable jackass.


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