Apple icloud music is an abomination.

Went to work yesterday and synced my 11000 plus songs to the icloud music. It took all day but when I got home all my music,  play lists and anything not bought were visibly destroyed completely or so it appeared. Why Apple music is so bad I don’t know and I just don’t care. It appears icloud will just be nothing afterall huh Tim Cook?  One thing Apple does well is publish solves to its biggest blunders in Apple communities. Here is what my search turned up.


This is a simple super solution and it worked for me instantly, turning a couple hours of frustration into instant joy.

Close iTunes

Navigate to you iTunes folder

Choose a former .itl file from Previous iTunes Libraries (preferably the most recent one before the Apple Music disaster) and drag it into the iTunes folder

Rename the messed up .itl to iTunes Library (Corrupt).itl

Rename the previous iTunes library that you just dragged in to iTunes Library.itl

Open iTunes

Your music library should be restored to perfection!

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