Was it really trying to do too much or did it lack everything? Thats the question I came away with. This I think I know. lex luthor is a very bad guy and he causes the battle, Wonder woman is introduced to us by accident it seems and we see a glimpse of the justice league, There is an alien they have all have to defeat which they do at great cost or maybe not after the dirt pile moves. Ben Affleck wasn’t a good batman and I like him and love batman. Superman’s Henry Cavill was much better. Jessie Eisenberg was a really over caffeinated Lex Luthor and Amy Adams was pretty boring as lois lane. This movie was supposed to set up a series of movies. It didn’t really do that. I compare this to the very bad first Star Trek movie with Voyager and that franchise survived that first dud. Perhaps this is DC comics dud before the success? They better hope so.

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