Decades Later, ‘Spy’ Magazine Founders Continue To Torment Trump


Soon after its launch in 1986, the satirical magazine Spy picked Donald Trump as the brash embodiment of a crass age. Founded by Graydon Carter and Kurt Andersen, the magazine chronicled New York’s obsessions with wealth and social status, zeroing in on Trump’s questionable business dealings (of which there were many) and his outlandish personal traits (of which there were perhaps even more).

Carter is now editor of Vanity Fair, and Kurt Andersen is a novelist and host of WNYC’s nationally syndicated show Studio 360. (They sold the magazine in the mid-1990s, and it folded several years later.) No journalists have followed Trump more closely. No journalists have angered him more often. But they have not spoken jointly about Trump’s unlikely bid for the presidency — until now.

Decades Later, ‘Spy’ Magazine Founders Continue To Torment Trump

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