Nobody of my generation can forget this seen from the ending of the original wrath of Khan. Spock is then launched onto the Genesis planet and hope renews as we left the theater. 

Leonard Nimoy who played spock forever it seems passed yesterday. Much like when Robin Williams passed there was a sudden sadness by boomers as if one of the family had passed. I grew up watching Star Trek with my grandmother and her 2nd husband back in the 60’s in Geneva Illinois. It was a good TV show that blossomed into franchise of good movies, and TV Shows and even more recently with a very good reboot.

Star Trek is Sci Fi fantasy, and an escape to another world, Perhaps a better world, Where race and religious conflict falls by the wayside of space exploration, science and the prime directive. 

Leonard Nimoy seemed to transcend it all. He always seemed the classiest of all the original cast actors. He also had other things he enjoyed. He was probably best known for his 2nd career in photography something he enjoyed very much and took great pride in.

His most famous role of course was as 1st officer/ Science Officer Spock. A ½ vulcan / human whose own conflict brought a sense of humanity to everything he did. Leonard Nimoy himself was conflicted by his success on Star Trek and originally tried to separate himself from that role. He also penned two biographies.  I am not Spock and later I am Spock.

Leonard Nimoy died at home in California, He lived long however and prospered. 

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