In a time when real news is sometimes scarce and credibility is scarcer, (Insert frowny face of NBC Anchor Brian Williams) Jon Stewart announced last night to an unsuspecting world that he will be stepping down at the Daily show at the end of his contract in 2015. Details are still needing to be worked out but this is finally it. His departure leaves a huge void both in Comedy Centrals late night lineup but also in the hearts of Millennials who have relied on Jon Stewart and his humor to keep them informed in an otherwise cynical world. Who, what, when, how, why, now Jon Stewart? It was thought that after Jon Stewart went off and directed a movie that he might want to do “other things” and nobody can fault his wanderlust after 17 years. Jon Stewart as you may recall got his start on MTV and replaced Craig Kilborn at the Daily show after Kilborn left to do 5 years at the late late late show. Wherever Jon Stewart lands I suspect it will be on the ground running…

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