Sprint really sucks in Metrowest Massachusetts


Recently I fired my cell phone company sprint after almost two years of really bad service. They had told me that engineers were working on towers and would be given my feedback every time I called to complain. I swear I should have sued them. They never did anything but took nearly 2000.00 of my money for the privilege over two years. They even gave me an airwave gizmo that triangulated and boosted my signal so I could make calls at home. While a nice gesture, it seldom worked either.

I finally quit and went with tmobile. So far so good. I used to have AT&T but they committed fraud on my account and thats another blog post entirely.

After I quit sprint I was then charged a early termination fee, I objected. I reckoned sprint breached their contract with me when after 16 months they never fixed their towers and fell from the  #2 provider to #4. 

They fired their CEO, or he was dropped like a call or something. The new guy said he will turn things around, good luck to him. I begged Sprint support to waive the disconnect fees in several phone calls, one rep said the FTC prohibits sprint from not collecting those fees. (really dude) Wow. Anyway I started tweeting the displeasure with Sprint care on twitter. I also tweeted the interactions to the new Sprint CEO. Suddenly Sprint Corporate was on the phone zeroing out the remaining balance. The amount was a paltry 115.00 but my point is that you deserve to get fired if your service sucks and sprint service does in Metrowest Massachusetts.

Sprint also has this idiotic way of having as many people respond to you thru customer care on twitter as possible. It’s kind of like that ask Best buy idea that tanked awhile ago. Its a train wreck of a social media venture and while eager to help, nobody ever did anything. Feckless!.

So if you are having issues with customer care with a company, see if their CEO is on twitter and start CCing them in the tweets. I bet you get a phone call as I did, and that things get finally get resolved.

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